Regular Shares
Earn dividends which are declared quarterly by the Board of Directors. Usually higher than bank Money Market rates.

Share Certificates
Comparable to Bank Certificates of Deposit. Pickens Federal Credit Union offers certificates up to a 3 year term with excellent rates.

Christmas Club and Vacation Club Accounts
Save at the same rate as our regular shares for special events.

Traditional IRA Accounts
You can rollover from any qualified retirement plan to an IRA at Pickens Federal Credit Union. Or you can make contributions annually to save for your retirement. IRA funds can be placed in a regular account or in share certificates which earn a better rate. 

Kids’ Club Account

The Pickens FCU Kids' Club Account will help your children learn the value of saving, spending, and giving. The account is designed specifically for children 13 years and younger earns dividends on all balances.

  • Minimum to open is $25

  • Online account access

  • Inter-account transferability

  • Automatic allowance transfers